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At Santé Mont-Royal we believe in high quality medical care, one where accessibility, convenience, compassion and efficiency are our priorities. Our clinic can address the various needs of our patients and provide fast and easy options for medical care. The family physicians at Santé Mont Royal come from various backgrounds with experience from both hospital settings and general community care. Our mission is to provide quality care to the Montreal community.

As apart of our integrated medical philosophy we utilize an electronic medical records system. The electronic medical record(EMR) is a secure software approved by the health ministry and includes, chart notes medical history, list of current medications and scanned images of any laboratory result or imaging. EMRs have been shown to reduce medication interactions and improve adherence to prevention programs such as routine mammography. EMR is another way our doctors can ensure high quality care and shorter wait times.

Family medicine is an important part of community care. Santé Mont Royal wishes to offer its patients a clean, comfortable and friendly environment in which many of their medical needs are addressed.

Santé Mont Royal is open 7 days a week. Although our doctors might not be running clinics on weekends, our walk-in-clinic is open to all patients no matter which doctor they are registered with. In keeping with offering patients easy access we can be reached both by telephone and by email. Our reception staff is there to help you with booking appointments, requesting follow-ups from your doctor or checking up on results. At Santé ante Mont Royal we are here to help you navigate the health care system.

The Family Medicine team at Santé Mont Royal includes doctors of various backgrounds and experiences. They all share the integrity and empathy to serve their patients with the best care possible. We understand the importance of high quality care, our physicians are dedicated to patient care. Our administrative and nursing staff work very closely with the doctors to ensure the patients overall experience at Santé Mont Royal is a positive one.

To book an appointment please call 514-819-6649.